Root Boy Slim – Too Sick To Reggae

Today I pray for you reefer
Back in desire
But till I see the Montego Bay
Full of Babylon, can I say

Too sick to reggae
You know it’s true
Too sick to reggae
I’m down to my last tear
Too sick to reggae
Only Jah can stop the tears
Too sick to reggae

Pray to our god Jah Jah in the morning
Dog food for lunch
Back in the cell yall
We feel heavy the crunch
Makes me sing now

Too sick to reggae
Reggae, not rock ‘n roll I say, nah nah
Too sick to reggae
I know it’s hardly rock n’ roll
Too sick to reggae
It’s straight-A country rock n’ roll
Too sick to reggae
Straight-A country rock

You know your president Jummy Carter
He was doing a good thing
He want to legalize it
Set the herb man free

You know your herb make you a criminal
No matter who you are
No matter who you want to be
Hittites, Israelites, Israelites

Back in the USA
Deportation time
Lord know Root Boy Slim
Too sick to feel nothin
He guess he gonna die

Don’t you know he been singin
About go out some time now
But he been down in the jail
Said they keep him eleven days

They put him with some murdering Rastafaria
But lord knows he didn’t murder no one
They been waiting about a hundred days for their trial
They live on Kahlua and rice

They don’t eat no Chicken Chassis
Let me tell you what the food in the jail was like
Had Chicken Chassis one night
The bones of the chicken, the chassis of the chicken

Lord it was a good dish
Bone chicken, chicken chassis
Gimme a little heartburn
They didn’t have no S&M

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