Perzonal War – New Age

Know your place and ask no questions
Never forget the role you play
Machine keeps pounding running forward
Avoid it’s contact mind it’s way

Between two lines
I find myself now

What you may be is what they ask for
Not for the one you really are
Answering in terms that you are made for
Look at yourself and feel the scar

Living my life and fear existence
Too weak to fight no more resistance

On which side are we standing?
Falling into a dark hole and we see no ending

The ground we are standing on is shaking
The barriers getting higher no more chance for us to
Break in

I am the one that gives you sense and
You are getting more than you are allowed
When there is a problem better stay closed
The next one stands in line to kick you out

What is my choice for leaving this cage?
To raise my voice scream for the new age


(Fills Lead)


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