Perturbazione – Splish Splash Splat | lyrics text, word song, karaoke

When it’s hot and dry
We go to the beach
We swim in the sea and play
Play beachvolley and swim all day

When it’s warm and sunny
We go to the park
We go and play football
Or rollerblade until it’s dark

When it’s cloudy and wet
We go to the cinema
We see a film with mom and dad
We drive there in the car

When it’s cold and snowy
We like to sky and skate
We put on scarves and gloves and hats and play in the
‘Till late

But if it’s cold and foggy
We prefere to stay at home
To wacht tv, play table tennis
Or read my book called ‘Tom the Gnome’

When it’s a rainy rainy day
We put on wellies and hats
We walk in the rain
We splash in the puddles

Splish, splash, splat…

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