Little Night Terrors – Young Lion

I lay on the bed
Exile on the stereo
I take another hit
And sink away

I’m thinking on you
And the people I know
And you won’t go
And I wish you would know

So just tell me am I the hero am I the villain
Feels like my chapters not yet been written
And I remember your eyes, looking in mine

I feel it burning hold it up
Negatives in the light
You’re a little morose black fire
You’re a troubadours photographic lie

Young Lion, you start fires
Young Lion, you start fires in my heart

It’s early morning,
Time to make the decision,
She said ‘i want you boy, want you boy, only when I can’t have you boy,
I won’t be happy till I destroy all that you ever believed’

And so summer comes round, and girls around town, can not get enough of me
And a friend of mine fell for the same old lines even though I tried to warn him,
And so it’s getting late, it’s getting dark
It’s still you I want in my heart
So you hit the track, and don’t look back
I’ll meet you back at the starting line

Young Lion, you start fires
Young Lion, you start fires in my heart

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