Dikta – A Day At The Opera

Can you hear the birds cry
At your own funeral?
They won’t smile, they won’t grin,
They will just follow you

In your head, in your head
No disturbance no more
In your head, in your head
The choir has run out of young boys

16 hours ago, you said
Follow my lead while I play dead
16 days ago, in bed
Making up promises in your head

Follow your head and not your heart
It has been wrong right from the start

And it takes a while, to watch the ship go down
Yes, it takes a while to burn right to the ground
Just try your best to keep from getting drowned
Yes, it takes a while, but someday you’ll be found

Can you hear yourself lie
Or are you oblivious?
We are right here, right now
But they have all flown away

In your head, in your head
It’s always someone, but not you
In your head, in your head
The shouting stopped, now it’s just you

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