Damizza – What Would You Do

Just like the game
I hear the love won’t



What would you do
Had another love
What would you say
Had another love
What would you do
Had another love
What would you say
Had another love

Simplistic ol’ pimp shit to rub off your lipstick
Industry misfit
Rich and can spit shit
I’m kickin’ my game, without sayin’ a name
Could fuck off the fame, but they ain’t love the game (So scared)
You like heaven sweet
Can sense you’re in heat
I can tell by the way your ass twist in my seat
Cutest fuckin’ feet, don’t fuck ’em up on the street
Cause I gotta let ya go
If ya, trippin’, yo (Go)

What would you do
If I told you I
Had another love
What would you say
If I told you I
Had another love

When I look in your eyes
When you walk right by
When you holdin’ my hand
You don’t feel like my woman
So I’m saying “Bye, bye”
No more living this lie
I know that wasn’t our plan
I guess here we go again

Shade makin’ rounds, and them baby found out
My love with this chick got me dippin’ downtown
5-5 and that ass that can do them twleve rounds
Make a nigga put it down, will be fucking to the sound
Make her hit a reach, she got me spittin’ out in dro
And when it comes, to blow, she kicks in the door
Got her man’s back, and only knows my dough
With this dough and the show
You’se is my hoe

If we got
Together again
I would be your very best friend
Yes I would
I would
I would be by your side
Every day, every night
Chill, baby

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